The way of life in Yanama remains unchanged so guests have the chance to see how a traditional community live and work – their harvests, their textile making and their festivals.


There are several restaurants in Yanama that serve local food, shops that sell basic food and drink, and a petrol station.  

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For those that enjoy the outdoors there are a number of one day treks to the surrounding mountains and lakes such as Shanoj and Lake Ulta. There is also plenty of opportunity for walking, horseriding, mountain biking or trout fishing in the beautiful countryside surrounding the lodge. Other places of interest include the Ruinas de Sahuan y Quisar and Mirador Huayllan which gives great views of the Cordillera Blanca. 


The lodge is a great place for acclimatising prior to climbing the high peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. The lodge itself is surrounded by mountains of over 5500m such as Chacraraju, Contrayerva, Ulta, Chopicallqui and Puca Raju, all of which can be climbed in two or more days.

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Visitors in February have the chance to experience the sierra festival of Carnival which is celebrated throughout Peru. In Andean towns and villages such as Yanama it's a festive occasion with parades, feasting, music and dancing. The festival includes the ritual of “yunza” where guests dance around a specially transplanted tree bedecked with gifts. Guests take it in turns to try to fell the tree and the couple who strike the final blow of the axe are given the honour of organising the following year's celebrations. Water is thrown in most places during Carnival, so watch out for a sudden soaking!.